Monday, July 11, 2011


SHEW!!!! I'm finally moved. It was quite the task, but good, dependable friends made it possible (THANK YOU Kenneth, Jen & Colin Casebolt). And piss on you Racquet Club and Insight Digital. Seriously. Piss on you!

I sustained several injuries during this adventure - an almost broken wrist, a busted bicep, and a nasty bruised ankle. Overall, I'm pretty useless. At least I admit it though.

I've got wedding photos to edit, boxes to unpack, and a photography class to teach tomorrow. And I want to say a BIG OLE SAPPY THANK YOU to life for providing for me. My new place is simply amazing and I'm not just referencing my physical home either. My emotional, social, professional, personal, internal and external place in my life is truly something I've longed for.  Hopefully, it will last. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sure.

I'm happy.  Thank you to all those people who play a part in my life - big or small.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


A wedding is a very long, stressful, exhausting, frustrating and ultimately overly satisfying event for a photographer. It's our responsibility to capture the memories and moments relative to the love being expressed through the precious sacrament of marriage. This is HUGE, people, seriously. If we miss a shot, that moment is "lost" except through the minds of those who saw it happen and those fade in time. So picking a wedding photographer is extremely important. Not saying I'm great, most certainly I'm still learning and growing. But I listen to my clients, as they are usually good friends and family. I have also been through the drill enough to know what people want, even if they forget to ask. I help as much as I can to direct the events in the day in the most logical and "typical" fashion. I usually end-up pinning the men with their flowers and zipping dresses. Sometimes, I coax the unruly ring bearer or flower girl to smile during photos. I make sure the cake table isn't going to get knocked over by dancing fools and that you don't leave your bouquet in the bathroom. These are the types of things that get unnoticed, not by the bride and groom, but by those rude guests who think the photos are taking "too long" after the ceremony and before the reception. In essence, I'm always just trying to make my client happy, overjoyed, satisfied with my performance as their photographer or the saver of the memories. I want to get to the reception just as badly as everyone else, I promise. But I have to think 20 years ahead of what the couple will want to share with their children and grandchildren and not necessarily about filling my belly with cake. So please, please, please friends remember when you attend a wedding that although it may look easy to carry around a camera and boss people around, it really is a LOT of responsibility and heartache. Be kind to the wedding photographer's in your life. We really are just doing the best we can.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's Give'em Something to Blog About

So yes, it has been a VERY long while since I previously blogged and for that I am deeply ashamed. But I had a LOT going on people! I'll list and explain.

1) Standardized Testing Window for Public Schools - need I say more? Even though my little kiddos don't "really" take the state tests they do take plenty of school and district wide tests. Of these I am not a proponent, but I'm not in charge. It just seems like even though you teach your heart out all year long, that the stress hits you all at once.

2) A large chapter of my life as ended. That being my marriage that lasted 6 years and the whole relationship a total of 8 years. That's about all I'm going to say about that.

3) Photography has KICKED way up since April, which is heavenly!!! Weddings on Saturdays, almost every Saturday. Portraits, brides and babies, OH MY!! I couldn't be happier to be working with some truly inspiring photographer's this year - Kellie Carter and Clay Jackson. I think I have decided I like being the 2nd shooter as apposed to the main shooter. It seems more comfortable to me, it frees my mind for creativity and unique photo ops.

4) My best friend, Jennifer Casebolt, has gone through the IVF process again. I went to several Drs. appointments with her as her stand in spouse while Colin was at work. I took notes, asked questions and of course photoed. I think a few people thought we were having a baby together and I'm proud and overjoyed to report that no one said a negative word to us about it. :) PROGRESS!!!

5) Received some private and yet very powerful answered prayers. Just when you think you've all but given up...

Now for the upcoming events!

1) MOVING!!! From my small 3rd floor apartment to a house!!! YES!! No stairs for which to haul my equipment up and down. Also, no stairs for which to trip up and down either.

2) Community Education Photography Classes at EKU - they start soon and I hope I have tons of new pupils. I love teaching just about anything.

3) Maybe a vacation. The prayers are still out on this subject. EEK!!!

Today, I taught a private photo lesson in Richmond and I was on my way home on I-75 listening to the radio real loud and admiring the setting sun. It dawned on me that I really wanted to fine a place to photo the sunset. Thinking quickly and hastily I took a vicious right on exit 99 and sailed through the KY countryside to the Jean Farris Winery. By the time I got there the sun was a little low, but made for fun photos none-the-less. Texted my photo-friend Kellie and she was at a winery, too. Small world.